Monday, September 7, 2009

The Cracked Glass

We all fear something, it is the deepest, darkest secrets we harbor, the one thing that we would not indulge in others if possible.

Many would agree that fear is needed for us to grow stronger; "Face your fears" they say, "charge through it with determined mind and strength, when you do, you will be stronger." To me it is always easier said than done.

Most people would not face their fears willingly, given a choice, they would rather evade it for as long as they can. It is only normal. In a way, to be afraid is to be human.

I believe in accepting your fear. We are imperfect creatures, and we will never be whole. Living a happy life also means accepting you will come to pass.

All glass will shatter in the end, but it is the stained glass, cracked and imperfect, that shines out its beauty the most.I believe that accepting your flaws, living with them,
will give you a more fulfilling life.

Maybe living is not about being perfect, but knowing that you have lived up to your own self.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Beautiful Glass

I have always thought of the stained glass as more than just a pretty piece of glass.

Its beauty is not the only thing that makes it so amazing, it much deeper than that.

Many people choose to see it differently; to some, it is art brought to life, creativity made real, or even spiritual holiness.

I would like to think of the stained glass as just another way to look at things in life.

We do not live in the perfect world; there is misery, sadness and even death waiting for us at every turn. Try as we might, we are but as fragile as glass, only to be shattered too easily by our own thoughts and actions.

To be happy, is to be content with the simple things in life. Start with the little smiles and laughs you share with your family and friends, when your life is full of those small little joys, you will find your happiness.

Every small glass fragment help shape the perfect stained glass.

Knowing how to gather the pieces and fit them together is the beginning of a beautiful picture.

We all want a beautiful life, living happily ever after, ending our story with pride. But of course it is never that simple. We are simple glass to begin with, and to be the beautiful stained glass, we need to work our way through, molding and shaping until we become the stained glass that we each want to be - starting by being happy with the simple things in life, then we will find that beauty has always been with us, it starts with with a smile.